How to prepare for IAS Interview?


Question: How to prepare for IAS Interview?

Answer: IAS interview is not just an interview, but an overall test of the personality of a candidate. IAS interview for Civil Service Exam is the last step of the ladder to your success. It is the final stage of an IAS examination. The interview round is not qualifying in nature, but it indeed plays a pivotal role in determining your selection and final rank. Therefore, it is absolutely imperative that each and every candidate should prepare for this final round with utmost zeal. In the IAS interview for civil service exam, the confidence, understanding and personality of the candidate is adjudged. Here are a few tips that will help you know how to prepare for IAS interview for civil service exam:

Fill your IAS forms meticulously

It is very important that you fill up your IAS forms very meticulously because your forms depict your level of seriousness. It is through these forms that the judges will acknowledge you. Therefore it becomes important for any candidate to fill up the forms with precision and earnestness.

Adopt a well-balanced approach while answering the questions

The questions that are asked by the interviewing board are framed with a lot of things in mind. Therefore it is important to adopt the balanced approach while answering the questions. Think before you answer. Frame your answers after a well-balanced thought.

Undertake mock interviews

Mock interviews can be very beneficial for the students. Taking the mock tests and mock interviews allow you to get abreast with the actual interview and imbibes confidence within you. It allows you to get a glimpse of the actual interview and boosts up your morale.

Organise yourself in groups

A candidate should always prepare for an interview in a group of three to four people. Interview preparation is not done in isolation. Organising yourself in groups will help you in polishing your views, opinions and ideas, thereby helping you in overcoming your deficiencies.

Meet previous years’ successful candidates

Tips from the successful candidates of the previous year can be highly beneficial for you. Nothing can help you more than the tips from the previous year’s successful candidates. They can guide you on how actually you should behave, talk and think about the answers.

Make sure your body language is appropriate

It is important that you observe your mannerism, etiquettes and behaviour. Having right posture, gesture counts. Therefore have right overall personality presentation.