It is essentially responsible for the running of India’s vast railway network. There are four non- technical and technical or engineering cadres in the railways. Entry for non- technical services – The Indian Railways Traffic Services (IRTS), The Indian Railway Personnel Services (IRPS), The Idquarters as Divisional Commercial Manager or Divisional Operating Manager or Divisional Safety Officer. Most of the branch officers like the Senior Divisional Commercial Manager or Senior Divisional Operating Manager are in the JAG.
    At the zonal level the hierarchy is as follows:ndian Railway Accounts Services (IRAS), and the Railway Police Service is through the Civil Services Examination. However the Engineering Services have a different recruitment procedure.

Indian Railway Traffic Service (IRTS)
This service looks after commercial (goods and passengers) and operational (movement of trains) functions with an emphasis on safety. In the Junior Scale, they will serve as either Assistant Commercial Manager or Assistant Operating Manager and posted at the Divisional Headquarters. If posted at a very big railway station they may be designated as Assistant Transport Manager. Within four years of service they are likely to get the senior scale and posted at divisional hea
    On the Commercial side, the structure is headed by the Chief Commercial Manager followed by the Additional Chief Commercial Manager and the Deputy Chief Commercial Manager.
    On the Operations side, the Chief Operations Manager is at the head, followed by the Additional Chief Operations Manager, Chief Freight Traffic Manager, Chief Passenger Traffic Manager and the Deputy Chief Operations Manager.


Indian Railway Accounts Services (IRAS):
This service monitors all the income and expenditure of the vast railway network. In the Junior Scale, as an IRAS officer they will be posted to divisional headquarters as Assistant Accounts Officers. On being promoted to the senior scale they will become a Divisional Accounts Officers and in the JAG they will be designated as Senior Divisional Accounts Officer. In the Senior Administrative Grade they are promoted to the coveted position of Financial Advisor-cum-Chief Accounts Officer of a zone.

Indian Railway Personnel Service (IRPS):
As an officer in this service the IRPS officers will deal with recruitment, promotions, in service training and welfare of the employees. They will be interested to know that IRPS officers get the equivalent of the Supertime Scale before any other service of the Government of India. The postings are as follows:-
    In the junior scale, they will be designated Assistant Personnel Officer and posted at Divisional Headquarters. Following this they will become a Divisional Personnel Officers in the Senior Scale and Senior Divisional Personnel Officer of Deputy Chief Planning Officer in the JAG.
    They will be made Additional Chief Planning Officer once they get the Selection grade. In the Senior Administrative Grade they will be designated Chief Personnel Officer and serve at Zonal Headquarters. At a non-divisional set-up there are commensurate posts for officers belonging to all the railway services.

Railway Protection Force (RPF):
This force protects one of the biggest railway networks in the world. RPF officers’ training will be at Vadodra and Lucknow. The Junior and Senior scales are similar to the other railway services. There is no equivalent of JAG or SG. Instead, they have the grades of Senior Commandant, Head Quarters and Deputy Inspector General (DIG) respectively. The Inspector General’s grade is the same as the IAS supertime scale or the IPS IGP’s scale. The final promotion is as the Director General of the Force.