Q. 2) What are the benefits of giving Test at Wizard-IAS (Comparison chart of Wizard-IAS with Other Institutes)

TESTS make up an integral part of our preparation. They are tools to gauge our learning attainment. In an era of online tests, where there is plethora of Institutions providing Online Test facilities, we analyzed all the Test Platforms and found certain lacunae in them. No doubt, they were well designed and having good technical capacities. Yet, what lacked in them was “Student Centric Approach”. Let us have a peek into the chart which draws out the comparison between Tests conducted at WIzard-IAS and that conducted by other Institutes.




Other Institutes

Standard of Questions

Questions of our Mock Test Papers are made fresh every year, keeping in mind the recent trend of UPSC Exam. Wizard-IAS has been conducting Test Series since 2004, and has been a pioneer in this field. You can bank upon our experience on that. Statement type of questions (judging the conceptual clarity of the candidates), Match the following type of Question (checking the in-depth knowledge), Reason-Assertion type of Question (testing the analytical skills of the candidates) find primacy in our Test Series, rather than bland fact based questions.

The same set of questions is repeated every year, without keeping in mind the recent changes in the pattern of questions being asked in UPSC Exam. Moreover, majority of the questions framed are bland fact based questions, which UPSC never asks.

Question Setting

Done by subject Experts

Done by Data entry operators

Number of Tests

We conduct around 50-60 Mock Tests (Comprising of around 5000 Questions). We are focusing on increasing the quality of the Test Papers by including DETAILED EXPLANATION of every question (wherever possible). This detailed explanation would clear the conceptual ambiguities faced by a number of candidates, and act as extended notes. 

Other Institutes conduct normally 15-20 Mock Test Papers, and charge exorbitantly for that. NO detailed explanations are provided to solutions. It is only as if you are giving tests, but not progressing.


Fee is included in the course and not charged separately. Only those students who have not taken coaching from us have to take admission in Test Series, the fee of which is determined every year.

Charged separately.

Chapter Test

We start from Chapter Tests, where students can give micro Tests starting from Chapter level itself. This is being done because we believe that it would be easier for students to progress in this way. Rather than attempting FULL LENGTH Test paper at a time (it cannot be assumed that a student has covered the whole syllabus by Feb or March, when the exam is slated for June) a student has the flexibility of testing his preparedness from the chapter level itself. We have divided our Test Papers up to Chapter level. For Eg. A Student can give test at:

     1. Subject Level (say History)

     2. Section Level (say Ancient /Medieval/ Modern History) OR

     3. Chapter Level (say Indus Valley Civilisation/ Religious Movements/ Gandhian Thought/ Mughal Administration etc)

No such Tests are conducted by any Institute all over India. The max they conduct is up to the Subject level, i.e. Mock Test on History, Geography, Economics, Polity etc.

Complimentary Tests

Different students have difficulty in different areas. Some might face difficulty in Indian National Movement, while some in getting over the nitty gritties of Indian Economy. Having a student centric approach, we provide extra complimentray Chapter tests to students facing difficulty in their repective areas, WITHOUT any extra charge. 

No such facility available