Q.1) How Tests conducted at Wizard-IAS are different from others?

Normally other Institutes conduct Mock Test covering the whole syllabus, i.e. FULL GS PAPER. Tests at Wizard-IAS are designed keeping in view that students are not prepared to give Mock Tests covering the whole syllabus from the start itself. Tests are tools to gauge our learning attainment, and so must be organized in a sequential order. The preparation phase of students appearing for PT in 2020 stretches up to the last moment. There is no point of testing candidates of their preparedness in whole syllabus from the start itself. Therefore, at Wizard-IAS, we conduct Tests systematically. We break the Papers (GS and CSAT) into Subjects, Subjects into Sections and Sections into Chapters. For Eg. General Studies (Paper 1) consists of the following 7 SUBJECTS:
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Q. 2) What are the benefits of giving Test at Wizard-IAS (Comparison chart of Wizard-IAS with Other Institutes)

TESTS make up an integral part of our preparation. They are tools to gauge our learning attainment. In an era of online tests, where there is plethora of Institutions providing Online Test facilities, we analyzed all the Test Platforms and found certain lacunae in them. No doubt, they were well designed and having good technical capacities. Yet, what lacked in them was “Student Centric Approach”. Let us have a peek into the chart which draws out the comparison between Tests conducted at WIzard-IAS and that conducted by other Institutes.

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Q. 3) Why the Coaching Fee of Wizard-IAS is kept low in comparison to other Institutes?

The Coaching Fee at Wizard-IAS is kept low because we believe in Equality of Opportunity. Availing quality coaching should not be a prerogative of the elite class alone. Also, we are completely against the exorbitant fee charged by Institutes in lieu of services provided by them. We are in favour of transparency and quality coaching to students. The hefty fee charged by other Institutes is due to their expenses in heavy branding and advertisement. We, at Wizard-IAS believe in mouth publicity and quality deliverance. Our simple thought is that, if students are provided quality guidance within their affordable budgetary limits, they spread the word, and in this way reduce our marketing expense. The benefits are then passed on to student community.

Q. 4) Can I re-attend the classes after my Batch is over?

Yes, you can. However, under the condition that you must have attended all (atleast 80%) of lectures in the Batch which you took admission into. This condition has been kept with the view of providing the facility to only serious students, and not to willful absentees. Moreover, a student needs support from his mentors till the time of his/her final selection. We believe that this guidance / mentoring should be delinked from his/her course fees. It's the faith and mentoring that's primary for us.