All India Test Series

TESTS make up an integral part of our preparation. They are tools to gauge our learning attainment. In an era of online tests, where there is plethora of Institutions providing Online Test facilities, we analyzed all the Test Platforms and found certain lacunae in them. No doubt, they were well designed and having good technical capacities. Yet, what lacked in them was “Student Centric Approach”. We developed our Online Test platform keeping this view in mind. We designed our platform not to make Online Test just a tool to test your learning attainment. Rather to assist you in your preparation, by evaluating you at each step, and giving you the required feedback, so as to give a boost and direction to your preparation. Whenever students start their preparation for a particular Exam, they should do it systematically:


  • Firstly, they should go through the previous year questions asked in that particular exam. This is the real syllabus.
  • Then, they should break up their syllabus into Subjects, Subjects into Sections, and Sections into Chapters.
  • You start off with studying chapters. Don’t you think that your preparation should be evaluated at this stage itself?
  • Proper evaluation at this stage would keep you in track and avoid the risk of deviation.
  • Remember, the recipe for success is not How much you study RATHER What you study.


Success depends upon continuous up-gradation of skills and not on accumulating all your skills first, and evaluating them thereafter. Our Tests are designed that way- to assist you in your continuous up-gradation.