Experienced Faculties

The difference between a teacher and a student is that of experience. While a student may have accumulated vast amount of knowledge, yet what might be lacking in him/her is experience, and this is the biggest stumbling block in the path to his/her selection.

No matter how good you are in studies or how much resources you have in your command, a coach is required to clear civil services exam. Sachin Tendulkar was one the finest batsman India has produced. Yet, even he needed a coach. It was his coach who rejuvenated him back from his sagging career. You might question- who would teach Sachin how to bat? He was the best batsman of his times. Agreed. But even the best of the players need coach. They might have the skills, but what they lack is experience.

You can learn through two ways- either by commiting mistakes and learning yourself OR by learning from the mistakes of others. It would be a waste of time to opt for the former, i.e. committing mistakes and learning it out yourself. Teachers today were students yesterday. In fact a good teacher remains a student throughout his/her life. Being a student opens up his/her horizon of learning and continuous upgradation of skills is possible. There is scope to learn till the last breath of your life. We, at Wizard-IAS have dedicated faculties who have 15-20 years of experience, and it is their experience which nurtures your talents, harnessing your skills in a proper direction to help you achieve your desired goals- within a specific time frame.

Our faculties do not take teaching as a profession, but as a passion- ever ready to help students in their littlest of doubts. The word "Coaching" has come from sports, where a personal trainer coaches his/her student in a dedicated way to make a champion out of him/her. It is ironical that Institutes today have borrowed the term but not the ethos. Classroom lectures cannot be regarded as coaching. Coaching is something personal. Every student has his/her owm weaknesses and strength. Some student might face difficulty in a particular subject while other may have difficulty in any other subject. The learning capacities of each student is not uniform. Therefore, prescribing uniform reference books for everyone and delivering uniform lecture in class which is attended by diverse groups of students varying in their learning and comprehending capabilities, would be injustice. Though separate classes for each student is not feasible, yet what must be provided is- personal coaching after classes, where the subject experts get to hear from students their problems and difficulties and provide solutions specifically, keeping in mind the learning depth of the student and his/her present comprehending capabilities. Capabilities are built over a period of time, and not in a day or two. A proper training is required for the same. As the student progresses, the coach steadily increases his/her educational load and upgrades the reference books/materials which the student now is in a position to comprehend. This is what coaching actually means.