online education

Information Technology has altogether transformed the dynamics of education. Students today are no longer handicapped with paucity of materials or availability of proper guidance. With the spurt in IT and penetration of Internet in remote areas, students are at an advantageous position today than those born in 60-70s,who had to trot from one place to another and from one library to another  

in quest of relevant materials. Today, Internet is a global library and relevant information can be sought with the click of a mouse. However, there is a dark side to it as well. In an era of Information Technology, where Gigabytes of information can be had at the click of a mouse, sifting relevant material from irrelevant material, and genuine material from spurious ones has become a tedious task. If the background information is not strongly footed, students today stand at the risk of falling victim to misinformation. 

It is here that proper guidance by experts in the field is required. Our experts strive to prepare materials for you, so as to not burden you with Gigabytes of information, but with bytes of analysis. So, even if you are unable to attend regular classes at WIzard-IAS due to geographical constraints, no issues. You can enroll in our Correspondence Course, which is not just about dispatching study materials and test papers. It goes beyond that, and is customized for every student specifically. Before enrolling, you have an interaction session with our experts, so that they may gauge your problem areas and chart out a specific study plan especially for you. You are requested to stay in regular communication with our experts through mails, so that they may assist you in your preparation and prevent any deviations in your study plan. The test papers are also custom designed for each student, depending upon their level and depth of study on a particular subject.