Holistic Guidance

Since its inception in 2004, Wizard-IAS has shaped the careers of hundreds of students. It is our endeavour to assist our students getting placed in positions according to their potential.

In an era where coaching has become an industry and students are treated as customers we, at WIzard-IAS, strive to maintain the noble principle of "Guru-Shishya" relation and treat education as an intrinsic value oriented at shaping characters and not just careers. Success in Civil Services not just depends upon your knowledge but also upon the strength of your character and administrative acumen, which is tested at Mains level, both in wriiten exam as well as Personal Interview.

We don't indocrinate our students. Rather we help our students form their own opinion based on facts and judgements. This is crucial at Mains level, where students are tested for the originality of their thoughts and filtered from the process of selection if they are found reproducing thoughts of others, either borrowed from coaching classes or editorials.