Q.1) How Tests conducted at Wizard-IAS are different from others?

Normally other Institutes conduct Mock Test covering the whole syllabus, i.e. FULL GS PAPER. Tests at Wizard-IAS are designed keeping in view that students are not prepared to give Mock Tests covering the whole syllabus from the start itself. Tests are tools to gauge our learning attainment, and so must be organized in a sequential order. The preparation phase of students appearing for PT in 2020 stretches up to the last moment. There is no point of testing candidates of their preparedness in whole syllabus from the start itself. Therefore, at Wizard-IAS, we conduct Tests systematically. We break the Papers (GS and CSAT) into Subjects, Subjects into Sections and Sections into Chapters. For Eg. General Studies (Paper 1) consists of the following 7 SUBJECTS:

1. History

2. Geography

3. Polity

4. Economics

5. Environment

6. Science

7. Current Affairs

These Subjects can be further divided into SECTIONS. For Eg. History consists of following Sections:

Ancient India

Medieval India

Modern India

These Sections can be further divided into CHAPTERS. For Eg. Ancient Section can be divided into following Chapters:

Indus Valley Civilisation

Vedic Age

Religious Movement


Mauryan Empire

Gupta Era

Post Gupta Era

Harshavardhana Empire

Socio-Economic conditions of Ancient India

Religion and Culture of Ancient India

Now, students start their preparation from Chapter level. Wouldn’t it be wise to Test your preparation right from the beginning itself. In this way, your preparation would be streamlined and directed. After going through a Chapter, it would be prudent to go through previous year questions asked from that Chapter. Then, attempt few Mock Tests from that Chapter. We, at Wizard-IAS, design our Tests in this way. First give Mock Tests on Questions asked previously from that particular Chapter. This would give you an orientation on how questions are asked, and help you prepare accordingly. Thereafter, give few more Tests on that Chapter. After giving Chapter Tests, proceed to Section Tests, then to Subject Tests and finally Mock Tests.

This is a systematic approach towards your preparation and giving Tests. This is how we proceed at Wizard-IAS, and yes we have been doing it for the past 16 Years with remarkable results. You can bank upon our experience on that. We don’t claim your result, just assist you in your preparation. That’s it- no gimmick, pure logic.

to gauge our learning attainment